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civitavecchia ship chandler jakarta INDONESIA is a service company for all types of ships that require service in any case. With an experienced team in the field of ship supply.

We also always try to be the best and foremost in service for you. with all openness, as well as competitive prices we are sure to continue to develop over time. As a local company that has an international network, Civitavecchia Ship Chandler will continue to expand its business in the world of marine supply to become the largest in the world. and will continue to be committed to always providing the best for every customer, anytime and anywhere.





This section we offer a wide range of local & international food product, we guarantee of available stock and supply fresh condition quality for our value customer ship/vessel company. In order to make sure fresh supply of the seasonal fruits & vegetable, we purchase them from our local wholesale on the same day of delivery to the vessel/ship on port.

Deck & engine store

Both of them have an important role in the world of shipping, we also understand how difficult it is to care for and beautify the ship. Therefore we appreciate your hard work by simplifying the search for the items needed.


Cabin equipment is also very important to support the health and cleanliness of the crew, starting to have a modern and economical complement.

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We are a modern service distribution company for all forms of ship needs with priority to quality and time efficiency. We are proud to present you to CIVITAVECCHIA SHIP CHANDLER JAKARTA – INDONESIA

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