SHIP CHANDLER SERVICE JAKARTA  – We are a company  engaged in the delivery / supply of goods for the needs of the ship. The company was founded in 2018, we based on Jakarta – INDONESIA. In year was founded our business, fully increase customer and qualified & experience staff for maritime industry. who able to respone quickly demands ship supply. since then, we focus to grown stronger & fast to supply our customer around Indonesian port. Our business philosophy to our value customers, is to guarantee highest level service and quality product with competitive prices, and customers assistance in the worldwide, to make standard operational service run smoothly.

We help ship chandler jakarta operations to run according to time, therefore we provide services ranging from
purchasing daily necessities,food needs, to spare parts or parts that can sometimes take hours
to look for it.

in order to maintain the quality of our goods we always prioritize neatness, and the quality of control that we continue to do.

ship chandler jakarta

We offering a 24/7 onboard supply service ship & vessel in order to completely you demands  and provide with wide range items. We offer quality product and customer satisfaction with best price for all services such as :

Ship Chandler Provision List

Get the best price for provision supplies with high quality, as well as freshness guarantee because we get it on the same day at the time of shipping ship. Therefore we always maintain the freshness of products delivered to the ship, so that you can feel the pleasure for the food served on board.

Similarly, through the vision and mission to become the largest modern ship supplier company in Indonesia. We hope to establish operational cooperation for marine and industrial supply partners. Because of the increasing need for sea transportation, of course we can also be the right solution to meet all the needs of ships in operation in Indonesia.

Deck & Technical Supplies Store

We offering of deck & technical store supplies with wide range local and international spare part product. For our value customers we set all of quality, durability  and best price consumable. we know that sourching marine spare part is really difficult, what we offering is our experinced staff in marine and industrial supply will happy to help our value clients.

It seems that equipment and spare parts are the operational needs of a ship, in addition to maintaining the maintenance of the ship’s reliability. Of course we provide spare parts to meet the needs of the ship. In addition to prioritizing the quality of spare parts, we also provide relatively cheap prices for a spare part and other technical tools. From various brands as well as the best quality of the goods.

Safety Equipment Supplies

The most important thing is the safety equipment in a ship, in order to avoid a marine accident. Of course, by following the solas regulations that have the standard of a safety tool, become a reference of our company. Therefore we also provide product quality in accordance with SOLAS standards, to support operational safety on board our clients.

Crew Services Center

Furthermore, the importance of entertainment for the crew of the ship today becomes a necessity to avoid the boredom of continuous activities, so that we are also present to provide solutions for all crew. Among them we provide internet card services, shuttle Shopping Center &Food Court Center, even more for online purchase on marketplace as needed. Finally, the feeling of boredom and boredom will disappear with the crew services center from us.

Then How To Order Items At Ship Chandler

To order goods is very easy, it is enough to provide information related to the order, and ship chandler company will provide details of the availability of goods and also prices. After agreeing to the offer, then immediately issue a purchase order for the goods you want to order. So that the delivery process will run lancer according to the day and date that has been determined by the ship management purchaser.

In addition, it can also be through direct orders from ships through our operational staff who will visit the ship. Just like above, after all the offers have been approved by the captain or chief engineer on board, then the process of delivery of goods will be done on the same day or the next day.

Why Civitavecchia Ship Chandler?

Because we prioritize the quality of goods and also service to our clients from all over the world. And we understand the needs in the world of shipping, so through this business we ensure the smooth operation of all shipping companies. By providing competitive prices, as well as maintaining the quality of goods sent always fresh and also good.

All of the above is not easy to achieve without the support of services from our employees who have more than 10 years of experience in the world of industrial marine supply. As well as mastering a wide variety of foreign languages, so we understand what seafarers want.

Services Throughout Indonesia Ship Chandler Ports

For the smooth business of Indonesian ship suppliers, we are currently developing marine supplier services in all international ports in Indonesia with a variety of needs. Most importantly more than 70 ports in Indonesia, we cover all services for value customers from all over the world. We are coverage ship chandler services in the port among others are Jakarta, Merak, Anyer, Cigading, Ciwandan, Cilacap, Semarang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Tarakan, Taboneo and so on.

Ship Chandler License

In order to improve the quality to provide integrity of service in the field of ship chandler Indonesia, make us understand the need for licensing for our best customers. Starting from ISO 9001 also registered our company in ship chandler worldwide organization. In addition, we always prioritize the quality of the service. To meet the needs of all ships operating in Indonesia using our services.

Easy Payment Methods

As far as business development between countries is increasingly advanced. Where payment can be done in various ways, similarly we also provide an easy solution to value customers to determine the payment of ship chandler service Jakarta -INDONESIA. Among others Cash Payment On Board, 30 days payment terms an so on. Thus, there is trust in each other, for a service in ship chandler Indonesia.


In the mean time as we growth up, we expanded our services to all indonesian port. so don’t waste your time searching for your own needs, here we are ready to serve you 24 hours. and always prioritize hygiene and on time delivery.

Thus the end of the explanation of the details of our company’s services. For more information about our company services, please contact SHIP CHANDLER SERVICE JAKARTA 628991347005 via email at : contact ship chandler as well as quick respond whatsapp button below to answer all questions related to ship suppliers indonesia

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