Ship Chandler Athens Worldwide Service

Ship Chandler Athens Worldwide Service


Civitavecchia Ship chandler jakarta was founded in 2018. positioned in Tanjung Priok Jakarta – Indonesia close to port of Tanjung Priok, and has been following this business in the act of ship chandler. We will extend into develop our duty for the complacency of our customers, specially local and transoceanic freight companies. By providing great quality products, and relatively economical rate, along with packaging that we present to our customers.
With services in all Indonesian harbour, Civitavecchia ship supply Jakarta has espouse services, namely online service, we have establish new effect in the world of ship supply. With a proficient workers that will give our customers happiness in 24/7 assistance, as well as international quality business ethics. at the same time you need something that is urged for time, then don’t shy to constantly contact us anywhere and whenever.
Civitavecchia ship supply Jakarta which has a very deviance business, although upon the passage of time, we extend to strive to be the best business companion for our consumers. there are also services that we offer to you our trustworthy consumers are:


We provide assorted kinds of food ingredients such as :
> produce
> eggs
> rice
> meat
> fish
> fruits
> and bottled water
> in the form of frozen food, dry food and fresh food, indeed we will provide the best for our consumers.

Deck store

As for the need to keep your ship looking good, we provide all kinds of needs for deck areas such as
> Paint, and equipment and highly .
> Rope, any kind of ropes such as mooring rope, elastic cordage, manila rope and so on
> safety material
> and competent chemical you may need

Engine store

We also provide machine area equipment such as pipeline, welding material, and other tools such as :
> pipes
> welding machine
> welding equipment
> drill machine
> drill bit and so on

Ship safety appliance

which consists of fire hose, fire extinguisher, life ring, sticker sign and many more.

Cabin material

Covers the primary needs of the worker, such as
> bath soap
> shampoo
> toothpaste and so on
> and International simcard which you can use all around the world SIM4CREW.

Whatever you need now, we are ready to provide it for your boat. By guaranteeingwarranty|guaranty} all supply from the Civitavecchia ship supply Jakarta, which you will not find in any supplier.

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